Finally! It took me some time to make the decision but I knew at the end it will happen. At last I updated my site’s template and now is greater and better.

The idea behind this make over is that I want to be more active online, get in contact with you and share some ideas and interesting stuff that I found on my way. Also I’m planing on posting some videos: reviews, creative process, time lapse and maybe some day a tutorial or two.

While I’m getting use to this changes, you probably will find some bugs and empty spaces here and there, I will appreciate every observation you have about my site or the content I’m posting.

One last thing, now with that this site is working as my new “town center” for my social networks, you are welcome to follow me on my new Facebook page Haunter66. The art of Allan Flores (yep, same name) where I’m going to be posting my blog updates and some other stuff. As always you can also be my friend on Deviantart.

That is all for now. See you next time =)


  1. Nice website old friend!

    Thumbs up!

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