I’m so happy to share my very first video. Is a very quick sketching session to get me familiarised with the whole “making a video” thing. I have never recorded my working process and actually never owned a videocamera before, so I had to spend some time with my new hardware and software learning how to use it and trying to get the most of it with my so far short knowledge.

For the first video, I picked maybe the most basic drawing tools: charcoal and chalk. I really enjoy working with them, specially with this rough grey cardboard (if somebody knows its name please let me know) because besides being a really cheap combo is very versatile and provide an excellent medium to develop tonal value, specially if you are a beginner learning the basics of shape and volume.

I wasn’t really trying to follow a subject but as the sketching went by I realized that I was like in a “punk mood”. It was fun, and gave me some ideas for a bigger project, I’ll let you know more later. In the mean time, you can check some more examples of this technic here.


Until the next video =)

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