This is something I made based on a quick sketch of some kind of pirate sword. I used Affinity for the concept, 3DS Max and ZBrush for the modeling part, Substance Painter for the texture and Keyshot for the render.



Here are some of the sketches that came out first. I really wasn’t sure what I was looking for, I just wanted a sword with a skull. Later I decided that the blade should came out of the eye, like it was impaled or something.



I based the concept’s shape mostly on the navy cutlass and others like a like swords. Details and texture were still and idea but this time I didn’t wanted to spend much time on the concept.



After some work with the position and shape of the skull this is the final result. A sword with wood handle, a very rusty blade and a skull with golden teeth (arggghh!!).


The final poly count is 2338 tris, and most of the details were added using a normal map and mixing textures on Substance Painter. The rest was job of the Keyshot amazing render engine.



Hope you like it, was a very interesting project to develop considering that I usually just work on 2D and concept.

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