“Try to break old seeing habits by assuming nothing about your subject. Look at it with less logic and more curiosity”

Bert Dodson. Keys to Drawing, 1990

Hello, my name is Allan, digital and traditional artist from Mexico and I have been surfing the web under the name Haunter66. Like many of us, I grew up drawing and trying to create and develop my ideas. Since I was very young I loved to draw, I used to spend my time drawing my family in all kind of silly situations.
Some years later I attended to the National School of Arts -ENAP by its acronym in spanish- and earned a bachelor in design and multimedia. Since then I have took workshops and courses, including human figure and 3D modeling. I also enjoy to be a self teaching artist, so I spend time looking into books, tutorials and online resources.

I really like concept art and character development. I hope someday be part of the team of a big AAA project.

Thanks for stepping by =)