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Inktober 2016: Week 2

Continue with the Inktober 2016 ┬áhere is what happen on week two, from October 10th to 16th Day 10. Punk is not dead. Day 11. The Scientist Day 12. Crawling on a dark dungeon Day 13. “Fire is almost gone. Good night, bye bye” Day 14. Deity of Light Day […]

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Inktober 2016: Week 1

So, October once again uh? that only means one thing: Inktober is back! Here is what happened on the first week, from 1st to 9th. Day 1. Cyber meditation Day 2. Young demon Day 3. Sorcerer Day 4. The sad life of Mr. Toad Day 5. Monster madness Day 6. […]

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